Leslie Dongell: 6 Mesmerizing Places You Have to Visit Once in Your Life

Leslie Dongell lives in Palm Harbour area and she likes travelling and capturing the memories. In this post, Leslie Dongell shares the top 6 mesmerising places in the world that you have to visit once in your life time.

Earth has various mesmerize places yet a couple of them are essentially more famous than others.

Leslie Dongell shares the list of spots that are must see places on the earth:

  1. Chateau de Versailles
  2. Pulpit Rock
  3. Riomaggiore
  4. Moraine Lake
  5. Taj Mahal
  6. Bora Bora

Chateau de Versailles
A spectacular palace filled with extraordinary beauty.


Pulpit RockLeslie -Dongell.jpg


Moraine Lakeleslie--dongell.JPG

Taj Mahallesliedongell-Taj_Mahal.png

Bora Bora